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transitionsTransition..do you cringe when you hear that word? We all go through numerous transitions throughout our lifetime. Some are exciting, some are troubling, and some just are. For a variety of reasons many people dread change and transitions. We like the comfortable and familiar, even when we recognize it might not be completely healthy. How many times have you stayed in a relationship a bit too long, or remained at a job out of fear of the unknown? I have heard many people say (and have said myself) "I don't like change!". Then there are those who feel the need to rearrange their furniture every other week or they start to get antsy.

Life gives us many opportunities to make positive changes. Sometimes we have to put on that brave front and pursue a new job, or start school, or end an unhealthy relationship. However, sometimes those changes come at an emotional cost. Change can create stress, which may manifest in a multitude of ways, both emotionally and physically. Physically, you may have headaches, feel sick to your stomach, have difficulty breathing, and have the jitters. Emotionally, you may feel panicked, anxious, angry, or cry easily.

Help with decisions to propel you into making positive changes, as well as help to develop and use healthy coping skills to manage the stress related to change, can be found through counseling. If you need a therapist in Lubbock to help you process through life's transitions, please give me a call at 806.319.1882 and let me walk with you.

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