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Teen Depression Symptoms

Teen depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by abnormally low moods that persist for two or more weeks. Depression prevents individuals from functioning normally in their day-to-day activities. Although a depressive episode may last only a few weeks, it often lasts much longer.

Teen depression symptoms are commonly mistaken for sullenness, rebellion or a bad attitude. As a result, teen depression often goes undiagnosed and untreated. In such cases, teen depression can worsen becoming much more severe.

Symptoms of depression in adults are similar in many ways to symptoms of teen depression. However, some signs of depression are much more prevalent in teens. Knowing the signs of teen depression can help you as a parent, teacher or loved one, detect it in someone you care about.



Some of the most common teen depression symptoms include:

Anger or hostility
Apathy and lack of energy
Being bullied
Changes in appetite and/or weight fluctuations
Changes in sleeping patterns (i.e. oversleeping or insomnia)
Complaining about failure to meet goals and/or your ideals
Cutting or other forms of self-injury (although you may not see any wounds, wearing long sleeves on a hot day may indicate self-injury)
Feelings of guilt, self-blame, and worthlessness
Feelings of sadness and/or hopelessness
Frequent crying spells
Increased sensitivity to criticism
Inexplicable pain (headaches or back pain)
Lack of concentration
Loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyable
Low self-esteem
Memory problems
Poor academic performance
Restlessness or agitation
Sluggish actions or speech
Talking about death and suicide (expressing the wish to be dead)
The presence of other anxiety disorders, eating disorders, or behavioral disorders
Use of alcohol and drugs
Violent or risky behavior
Withdrawal from family and friends.

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